Right Fish Tank

Tips For Beginners: Choosing The Right Fish Tank

Size of Fish Tank

Most “experts” will agree that you are better off purchasing the biggest and best aquarium that you can afford…..at the beginning. From a decorator’s perspective, you probably will not want something that will dominate your room, but to have healthy fish, you will need a fish tank that provides a large space to swim and a good air to water surface ratio. Purchasing a large tank will also prevent you from having to spend as much time on cleaning and other tank maintenance. The reason is that it is easier to maintain stable water quality in a larger tank than in a smaller one.

Next, decide what kind of fish you want to keep in your aquarium. Fish do not require the same amount of space, conditions and equipment, so you will need to research your favorite fish to make sure their requirements and compatibility will work for your tank.

As you are researching different fish, find out how big each species will grow since it will affect the size of tank that you need. To calculate how many fish your tank will hold, multiply the width times the length to determine the surface area. The surface area is used to determine the maximum number of inches of fish that the aquarium can hold. Most fish experts agree that one inch of cold water fish requires 30 square inches of surface area and that one inch of warm water fish requires 12 square inches of surface area.

For example, a 30 gallon aquarium with a length of 32 inches and a width of 14 inches will have a surface area of (32 x 14) 448 square inches. You would have a capacity for 15 (448/30) inches of cold water fish or 37 (448/12) inches of warm water fish.

Now you will need to select the location for your aquarium. How much space is available? Measure to see what sized aquarium will fit within your space restrictions and don’t forget to leave enough room so that you will have a sufficient amount of space to move and get close enough to provide cleaning and other necessary aquarium maintenance.

In summary, before you purchase your fish tank, know how much space is available for the area where the tank will be placed; know the species of fish that you want to keep and their space and other requirements, and then purchase the largest aquarium that you can afford.

Design of Fish Tank

Some unconventional tank designs are prettier to look at than the standard rectangular tanks, but they can be difficult to clean and can even distort the image of the fish. For example, Circular Aquariums tend to distort the fish’s image that you see, and your image is distorted to the fish. Then whenever you approach the tank, the fish are frightened and tend to “run for cover” which is very stressful for them. Also since there is such a small opening at the top, Circular Aquariums become very difficult to clean or add decorations.

With such a wide range of tank designs available today, the standard Rectangular shape is still the most suitable. Because the Rectangular tanks are two to three times as long as they are wide, they have a larger surface area which is extremely important for fish. Fish also like to swim back and forth instead of up and down so rectangular tanks enable the fish to do just that. Another reason to purchase a rectangular tank is because hoods are only available for rectangular tanks. Hoods keep your fish from jumping out of your tank and they also provide an ideal place for aquarium lighting.

A good alternative to a rectangular tank is a corner aquarium. Corner aquariums are attractive and take up less space.

Systemized Fish Tanks

A systemized tank is an Aquarium that has built in filtration. Some systemized tanks also come with heating and lighting so that all you have to do is choose and add your decorations. Systemized tanks tend to be less expensive than if you purchased each individual component.

Aquarium Setups

Aquarium setups go a little further than the Systemized Tanks as these include water conditioners and other essentials – – – such as a thermometer and instruction guide. Aquarium Setups are extremely cost effective and highly recommended for the beginner.

Make sure you purchase an Aquarium tank that is manufactured by a reputable firm, preferably a popular brand so that you don’t have to be concerned with Aquarium leaks.

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