Take Charge Of Your Emotions
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Take Charge Of Your Emotions

Do you have trouble keeping your emotions at a decent level? Do things throw you off, then you don’t know what to do, because you’re still stuck with this residue of emotion?

Here is a way to take charge of your emotions. First, you need to label it. What are you feeling?

If you are feeling uncomfortable, LOVE and WARMTH will help in changing uncomfortable to comfortable.

If you are afraid, manufacture a sense of GRATITUDE. This will wipe out the emotion of fear.

Are you hurt? Start feeling CURIOUS about what’s going on. Watch as a sense of curiosity takes the place of feeling hurt.

Anger really gives you a feeling of emotional intensity. Direct that intensity into EXCITEMENT and PASSION. Think of all you can accomplish with those feelings!

Have you been frustrated? What if you decided to be DETERMINED instead?

Disappointment isn’t a very good feeling, is it? But if you decide to become FLEXIBLE as you think about it, disappointment goes by the wayside, doesn’t it?

Have you ever had a guilty feeling, then it disappeared the second you became CONFIDENT that you were going to stick to new standards?

How about inadequacy? Did it leave the minute you decided to become CHEERFUL? How can you feel inadequate when you are cheerful?

When we feel overloaded with responsibility, what would happen if we suddenly decided to feel our PERSONAL POWER and VITALITY?

And here’s a clincher if I ever saw one. Are you lonely? Can you ontinue to feel lonely if you wholeheartedly decided to CONTRIBUTE to others?

These are only some of the emotions we go through, but if you found a way to get out of these, don’t you think there’s a way to get out of others? For instance, have you ever felt completely at a loss and completely LOVED at the same time? No, it’s not possible. If you can feel loved the minute you think about something that disturbs you, you have it made. It really is true — love does conquer all.

Try it. Check it out. Feel how it feels to be in charge of your feelings. Once you realize that YOU can do that, you have taken control.

Remember, every feeling you have is based on your interpretation of what things mean to YOU. Ask yourself, “What else can this mean?” Take control. If you change meanings of things and situations in your life, you have taken a step toward taking control of your life. You don’t need to be a victim any longer. If you choose love in your heart, you receive love in your life.

Thank you for reading.


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