How to Set Your Own Goal
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How to Set Your Own Goal

Knowingly or unknowingly we would have made personal goals in our lives. New Year’s Resolution, goals like studying harder for exams or getting better grades, or to save up to buy a car by the next year or pay off your house loan, these are all goals, personal goals. These goals are just that personal, its how you make these goals and achieve it, which can be similar to everyone.

Many people in the world have tried personal goal settings, it may have worked out for some but may no have worked out for others. Some would have found it difficult to achieve the goals they have set. Yes we hear alot of “you got to set goals“, “you got to work harder”, however, unless we have in mind what we really want to become and what we really want to do in life, and knowing your own interests, skills, capabilities, it would be very difficult to achieve personal goals. It would be too overwhelming.

Personal goals are truly your own personal goals, yes it is personal, so the goals you make have to be your own goals. You can’t “borrow” others goals to make it work for you, it might have worked on your friend, but it might not work for you. Create the big picture of what you want to achieve in all, what you want to become. This big picture is your base of your goals. From this picture, slowly branch out into smaller goals. For example, becoming rich is your big goal, you can branch out smaller goals, for example earn $1000 within a month, save $300 per month, etc. Smaller goals that would complement your bigger goal. Write all this down in your diary or piece of paper. Just like how you plan to go for holiday, this is like your life plan, your ambition. After clearly going through the plan, its time to take action. You can’t achieve anything by just dreaming, writing or thinking. It all needs your own actions and determination.

But before taking action, sit down for a some time, go through your plan again, now consider these few things:

Are your goals achievable? Be honest with yourself and know your capabilities, not achieving might hurt your feelings. And its good to dream but reality might be bitter.

Can you put in the effort, the action needed? You can’t achieve by just having a goal and not doing anything about it, or just sitting in front of the computer and thinking i should do this. To achieve you need to put in some hard work, there’s nothing without any effort.

Do you really really want to do it? Why would you want to do something you don’t really want. It would not only effect your success, you would not be happy after doing it.

Do you people who are there to back you, support you on your endeavors? Having people to support you and cheer you on would make it easier to achieve and accomplish your goals.

Is your goal a selfish one? Does it benefit anyone else other than yourself? We should not be selfish and hurt others in the process of getting what we want, we would not have the satisfaction and if its not in the best interest of others you might be neglected from your friends and relatives.

Do you love what you are going to do? You have to love what you do, enjoying and loving what you do would let you accomplish your personal goals and be successful in what you do. The satisfaction of doing it would be much better than doing what you don’t love.

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