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Goal Settings? Is That so Important?

We see many people everyday in our lives, a lot of them becoming successful in their career, in their studies, in relationships. We often see a lot of successful people on television, talking about their successes and hard work, but we don’t realize that behind every success there is a lot of determination and goal settings done by the person.

Goal Settings? Is that so important? Goal Settings is very important, you may never realise it but whatever you do is striving for a goal. When you learn, you are striving for the goal to get better results which would let you get a good job, and when you work, your goal is to earn money and live a better life. Thus our life revolves around goals and achieving them. When we were young, or in school, our parents and teachers always ask us to write down our goals for exams, our goals for the year or next etc, why? so that we can be succesful in whatever we plan to do, be it that year or in the exams, why the most successful people do that, they set goals and targets for themselves.

Firstly, what are goals? Basically, goals are like your ambitions, it’s what you want to achieve, what you want to do in your life. Many people don’t have goals, and they don’t have any plans for their lives. They don’t have a direction they want to go and they have vague plans for themselves or for their lives. They don’t take the proper actions to achieve and they usually are not successful in what they do.

Setting goals helps you set your own barriers, you create your own atmosphere, your own “fence”, helping you to keep away from what you feel as distractions. You know what you want and you decide on your own. It also helps you to learn new things and discover new interests. Its like a your kitchen storage, writing down things you need and don’t need would help you save space and let you clear up your bulky kitchen storage. Its the same thing, setting goals will help you clear up your mind and your life, and on the way you may learn new things and discover new interests. Setting goals also gives you responsibility, for yourself and your life. Your failures is not other’s faults and setting goals let you take control of your life, you are responsible for it, its all up to you and yourself.

Setting goals also motivates you, it motivates you to achieve it and do better. It opens your eyes to see where you are weak at and motivates you to do better. And lastly as my friend once told me, setting goals is to let you have your own personal experience and for you to grow. Setting your own goals gives you the experience you need in life, which would enrich your life and you would not make the mistakes you made again. Hence setting goals is important.

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